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Gift Card

Dhs. 200.00
AED 200
AED 300
AED 400
AED 500
AED 600

Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, the festive season or just a kind gesture to thank your loved ones, they will adore.

This Gift Card creates a unique code, which will be emailed to you. Choose from different values between AED200, AED300, AED400, AED500 or AED600.

If you buy a gift card for someone else, then you need to forward the gift card email to the recipient. The recipient simply enters the code at checkout and we subtract the gift card value from the order amount.


1% of our sales are donated to Friends of Cancer Patients for the early detection of cancer. Kashf, which means "detection" in Arabic, aims to create awareness and help promote screening methods and prevention for the early detectable types of cancers.