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Born on 29 March 1989 in a small authentic town called Loudun located in Western France, Zoe grew up with the beauty and heritage of old France as her backdrop.

As a teenager she moved to Tours city, Loire Valley, a region well known for being the residence of the King of France and spent time learning marketing and studying various languages.

At the age of 24, Zoe moved to Dubai and worked with Emirates Airlines for 7 years, traveling and discovering the world. In seeing the seven continents Zoe very quickly became aware of the conditions of today’s world and ecosystem.

In her quest of discovery and love of travel, Zoe was destined to co-create a sustainable brand; The Neod.



Born on 6 May 1992 in Istanbul, a city in between two major continents, Kaan grew up immersed in the field of hospitality.

With years of experience, Kaan eventually moved to Dubai where he managed some of the most reputable and world renowned brands.

At heart, Kaan was always self driven with the mindset of an entrepreneur and it was this drive, and his fate in meeting his counterpart and partner in life that led him to co-create The Neod.